Communicating Effectively Across Differences


"To harvest respect, we must plant the seeds of respect and cultivate respect."

  • Education sessions plant the seeds for effective, respectful communications. 
  • Continuous messaging cultivates respect.
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Learning Sessions

In our increasingly diverse world, success is profoundly impacted by the messages we give ourselves and others.

Designed to engage and inspire adults and youth, Harvesting Respect learning sessions promote a range of important skills:
  • Identifying unconsious bias
  • Mental flexibility
  • Appreciating differences
  • Problem solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Equity advancement
  • Inclusive language
  • Change management
  • Effective responses to hurtful comments
Our engaging sessions, delivered by our experienced facilitators, promote positive human interaction that is useful in every area of life and work.

We help build efficiency with cross-cultural communication skills that are so important and yet so rarely used.

Our Culturally Compatible Education learning sessions were developed to help teachers to reach students of all cultural backgrounds.
"The Harvesting Respect learning session was excellent. It developed content and skills in our staff for addressing challenging topics they face with students and families.”

- Dr. Skip Moran, Principal, Armstrong Elementary School, Highland Park, TX

Learning Sessions

Bulletin Boards

Even in our digital age, hands-on bulletin board messaging is extremely effective. From heritage months to super heroes, Harvesting Respect bulletin board content draws the attention of students throughout the school day using themes that interest them, conveying positive messages about diversity.

Student participation offers many benefits. The bulletin board program develops knowledge and skills in the areas of social studies, math, art, and teamwork.

Three for Every One

Student expressions of prejudice have exploded over the last two years. The internet is full of misinformation about people of color and other marginalized groups. The results often are heartbreaking. Our Facebook page, Three for Every One , is full of positive stories about groups that are often disparaged. We provide a positive framework to counterbalance the negative framework kids get online, in movies, at home.

We do not ignore racism, sexism, or other real isms. We celebrate the accomplishments, contributions, and humanity of marginalized people as they succeed in spite of oppression. With our efforts, every young person in America can experience three positive messages for every negative one, and thereby internalize a sense of respect for every community. Please join us!