Designed to engage and inspire, Harvesting Respect learning sessions infuse effectiveness skills with a respect for diversity -- offering a unique and proven pathway designed to help you "Sow, Cultivate, and Harvest" your organization's full potential.

Our half-day experiential sessions, delivered by an experienced team of presenters, are designed to develop and magnify the three fundamental behaviors that almost every management tool identifies: internal flexibility, interpersonal connectability, and organizational stewardship.
Harvesting Respect Learning Sessions
Culturally Compatible Education

Our Culturally Compatible Education series focuses on reaching African American, Latino, American Indian, and other students whose cultures are influenced by oral tradition excel academically. Read more here.
First Impressions
An engaging exercise that guides participants to set aside what they “know” in order to see what they might have missed. 

Mind Flex
A participatory session for learning mental flexibility and embracing change.

Bridging Cultures 
A creative cultural identity exercise that helps participants build a foundation for, and practice skills for, cross-cultural communication.

An inspiring Candid Camera video called the Green Kid provides a vehicle for understanding, appreciating, and maximizing the four basic human interaction styles.

Our Expectations Are Showing
An eye-opening look at how our expectations impact the performance of others. 

ACE-ing Conflict
A hands-on practice session using three proven conflict resolution skills.

Non-discrimination Policy Training 
​An engaging approach to policy and procedures training. Don't have a policy yet? We can help you create one.

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Additional Diversity Offerings

Organizations wishing to go further with diversity training have three additional learning session options: “Essential Diversity,” “Can We Talk Diversity?” and “Getting Creative with Culture.” 

Through our extensive experience with school districts, we have developed dedicated content for educators, including inclusive aspects of No Child Left Behind. This education-focused content is an optional component of all Socha sessions.

We also offer 
  • Diversity Train the Trainer programs
  • Diversity council consultation

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Children learn stereotypes at a very early age if we do not consciously provide them with an inclusive perspective. Indeed, reports of student intolerance are on the rise.

We provide versions of our diversity content for students ages four and up in the following formats:
  • Interactive lessons
  • Guided discussions
  • Student assemblies
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Three Top Effectiveness Behaviors 

Since organizations are made up of people, organizational behaviors are informed first by internal behaviors, and then by interpersonal behaviors. One of the most widely read management books focusing on internal behavior, Spencer Johnson's Who Moved My Cheese? outlines the rewards one reaps when willing to move in a new direction. William C. Taylor and Polly G. LaBarre’s Mavericks at Work finds that the best entrepreneurs are mavericks who regularly question and challenge the established order and traditions. 

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Click here for a PDF handout or PDF color sheet of Four Native American Indian Tribal Cultures.
Three for Every One
Join our initiative to ensure young people receive three positive messages about diversity for every negative one they hear.
​Sustained diversity learning programs can prepare students for living and working in our diverse world.
Our diversity handbook is recommended by the Washington State School Directors' Association, the Kansas Psychological Association, and the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences at the The College of William and Mary.   More info here.
Student Learning Sessions

Get the most from your organization's diversity:

  • Learning
  • Consultation
  • Programming
  • Evaluation
Communications Programs For Our 
Diverse World
Sow, Cultivate, and Harvest your organization's full potential.