Sustained Learning Programs for Adults

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Reinforcement Emails

Reinforcement emails can follow the monthly heritage month theme, and/or can be customized to relate to the client's individual needs and focus.

Diversity Events

On-site diversity events offers opportunities to learn through sharing cultural experiences directly with each other.
A successful diversity effort is multi-layered and ongoing. Harvesting Respect learning sessions inspire thought and start the conversation. They plant the seeds.

Ongoing messaging programs such as bulletin boards, emails, and diversity events cultivate respect through sustained learning. 

Why Bulletin Boards?
Even in our digital age, there is much that can be gained from bulletin board messaging. 

Harvesting Respect bulletin board content draws the attention of employees and customers using themes that interest them, conveying positive messages about diversity.

Book Discussions

Adult book discussions allow participants to engage deeply with each other over an 8-week period.

Get the most from your organization's diversity:

  • Learning
  • Consultation
  • Programming
  • Evaluation
Communications Programs For Our 
Diverse World
Sow, Cultivate, and Harvest your organization's full potential.