"I absolutely, 100% endorse your Harvesting Respect program! You have opened the eyes of our staff and myself in a variety of ways, addressing difficult topics, such as diversity, racism, and stereotyping; providing that lens for people to see how their own background and history affects the dynamics in the way we view our clients and each other." 

-Dr. Terry Smith, Executive Director, Dallas County Juvenile Department
Senior Trainer Jeanae Beal with Dr. Terry Smith, Executive Director, Dallas County Juvenile Department

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"I want to tell you how much I appreciate your unique approach to diversity programming.

I am proud to tell everyone that Dallas Academy has used the Harvesting Respect program by WordSmooth for several years. I appreciate how the staff learning sessions combine communication skills with a non-judgmental message of respect for all groups. 

I am also very proud of the on-site messaging you create with our student Culture Club to create a monthly bulletin

​board. I always get positive comments from prospective parents when I show them the board as part of their school tour.

Our staff looks forward to the learning sessions because they are enjoyable and skill-based. We all love to learn from the bulletin board. I know our school does a better job embracing diversity because of this program."

-Jim Richardson, Headmaster, Dallas Academy
"The Harvesting Respect program will meet and exceed your expectations!"  

- Former Duncanville ISD Superintendent Jerry Cook
"Thank you for your commitment to establishing a multi-cultural environment at Sanger. Our bulletin board that you update monthly provides opportunities for conversations in the hallway. Teachers take a moment to have a class discussion about the important figures and their significant contributions to the our society and the world. The bulletin board also provides reminders to teachers of the importance of diversity. Thank you, and we hope to continue this effort in the future."

- Alex Sanger Elementary and Middle School Principal Hector Martinez
Read a letter of recommendation from John Washington of Garland ISD. 

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